Barnes & Noble Latest Victim of PIN Pad Tampering

Another victim has emerged with hacked pin pads.  This time it is Barnes and Noble that has had 63 stores with compromised devices.  Stories like this outline the need for strong adherence to PCI guidelines around securing your credit info.  PCI Security Council Requirements Section 9.2 – 9.4 dictates rules  for anyone that enters the store that could potentially come in contact with areas or equipment where credit card information is accessible. Also of great concern are reports that the shift in attacks are shifting to smaller firms where standards, security and procedures may not be as strong.   If you have concerns with your stores security or have questions regarding PCI please contact your local RDS Office.

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Is Grilled Cheese the Next Big Thing in Fast Casual Restaurants? | TIME

From: TIME and Brad Tuttle

Say cheese! The formula of speedy service, customization, and high quality practiced by fast-casual restaurant leaders Chipotle and Panera Bread is already being widely applied to better burger chains and upscale pizza franchises. Lately, the next hot menu item being given the Chipotle treatment at restaurants, mall kiosks, and food trucks around the country is the classic comfort food, grilled cheese.

People love grilled cheese. Then again, most people can make pretty darn good grilled cheese. Doing so requires only a few ingredients (bread, cheese, butter or margarine), and very little skill. Going with a basic grilled cheese at a restaurant is akin to ordering cereal: That’s fine if that’s what you really want, but it’d be just as good—and way cheaper—if you handled the “cooking” yourself.

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Choosing a POS System: Important Questions for All Parties

During the process of choosing a new POS System, you must compile a list of questions to ask on your end as well as questions to ask a potential POS provider. This article contains those 17 important questions you must ask when choosing a new POS System.

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What is all the fuss with 2D barcodes anyway and why should I care?

You likely have seen these smaller almost static looking barcode like images everywhere called QR Codes.   This group of codes, called 2D barcodes, are the next generation of scalable information.   The traditional 1D barcodes seen on most products contain a series of 10-20 characters that are read by measuring the thickness and width of horizontal lines.  These codes are used to reference an external database for more information.  This is much like the license plate on your car.  Not a lot of information there.  But you can use the license plate number to find out a lot of information from another database.  The 2D barcode uses geometry and space to contain much more information in much less space.  It does not need a database to access to get the info.  The info is imbedded in the code.  2D barcodes can contain a massive amount of information.   In fact the entire Gettysburg Address can be contained in a code about the size of a postage stamp.

So what?   What are the applications?

In pharmaceuticals, 2D codes already track manufacturing information, lot numbers, allergy information, drug interaction warnings, side effects, dosage recommendations, etc.  Yes all of that in one tiny code!

A 2D barcode in the grocery store has several applications both customer facing and at the checkout.

For your customers, QR Codes can be printed on store signage linking to or containing online specials, recipes, food information, etc.   Additionally, you probably have seen these small codes in magazines, mobile applications, newspapers on signs, etc.  Marketing is embracing these codes as the number of people with phones capable of reading these codes is currently over 1 Billion worldwide and climbing.   Another application is linking to a webpage for a promotion such as your weekly ad or daily specials.  2D Barcodes particularly QR codes are a great way to drive traffic and loyalty in your store.

One of our favorite applications is scanning the 2D code on the back of a driver’s license to verify age and identity for the purchase of tobacco and liquor.   This helps eliminate human error or situations where employees purposely let underage individuals purchase those products without checking ID.

For the grocer it will fast become important that your scanning environment be able to accommodate 2D codes.  One of the biggest emerging consumer facing applications has been mobile couponing.  Over $5.4 Billion in coupons will be redeemed by the end of 2012 with this number expected to grow to over $43 Billion by the end of 2016.  As adoption quickly increases, it is important to consider that if your scanners cannot read these codes you could run into slower transaction speeds or the inability to work with certain coupons.

2D barcodes are here to stay for the foreseeable future and we will see more and more applications of them in the years to come.   For information on 2D barcode scanning technology or to see if your current environment is ready for this technology, please contact your local RDS Office.   Please note that in order to scan these codes in your store you may require more than just a 2D capable scanner.   Additional software upgrades or hardware may be required.

Protecting Yourself and Your Business From Cyber Attack

cybersecurity_opinion.jpg“White House sources partly confirmed an alarming report that U.S. government computers — reportedly including systems used by the military for nuclear commands — were breached by Chinese hackers. This was a spear phishing attack ….”

That shocking news was reported Monday. And it should make every American think hard about their own cyber security.

Whether you are a business owner or individual you should be very concerned about cyber security.  If the White House can get hacked, so can you.

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Nations Restaurant News – Arby’s shifts marketing strategy

When Arby’s introduced its new Turkey Roasters sandwich nationally on Sept. 3, the chain was embarking on a new era — one with a clearer branding strategy and increased menu innovation.

“This brand has had an identity crisis for the past few decades,” said Russ Klein, Arby’s chief marketing officer. “We’ve made the decision that we want to be a modern sandwich shop.”

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Online ordering boosts check averages | Nation’s Restaurant News

RDS has superb restaurant online ordering capabilities seamlessly integrated to your website with our industry leading POS Solutions!

Online ordering boosts check averages | Nation’s Restaurant News