Software 4 Retail Solutions Releases S4Vision For Unified Customers

Software 4 Retail Solutions has released S4Vision for Unified Grocers customers participating in Unified’s “Scan Advantage” store data and analytics program. S4Vision is a self-service business intelligence platform that accumulates and analyzes real-time point-of-sale (POS) transaction data, giving store owners and managers actionable reporting and analytics on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.

S4Vision connects store managers directly to high-level summaries of trends and performance, with detailed drill-down whenever and wherever they need it, Software 4 Retail says. Managers can see chain and store real-time sales, with period-over-period trends including metrics such as customer count, basket size, average retail and items per basket. They also can dive deeper into department sales and metrics to examine strong or under-performing areas of the business. The platform provides daily projections to help managers anticipate product demand and customer visits.

S4Vision’s capabilities include measuring key performance indicators such as open department sales, no sales, refunds and voids so managers can track store labor and prevent loss. Real-time alerts are issued for abnormal activity and performance. Additionally, customer traffic can be measured against cashier labor to validate labor schedules.

“We are very pleased to be a preferred technology partner with Unified Grocers,” said Rick Goertzen, GM of Software 4 Retail Solutions. We’re confident that Unified’s retailers will enjoy the convenience and control of having S4Vision’s real-time data and analytics in the palm of their hands, and quickly see increased performance and sales growth storewide.”

Brian Legate, manager of retail analytics at Unified Grocers, said, “We’re delighted to add S4Vision to our suite of mobile offerings to help our independent retailer customers better compete and grow in their marketplaces. S4Vision is well-suited for helping our retailers take full advantage of Unified’s Scan Advantage program and all that it offers.”