Retail Data Systems Deploys the First Ever End to End Encryption and Tokenization with EMV Ready Devices on the NCR Aloha POS

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Retail Data Systems deploys the first ever in the world end to end encryption and tokenization with EMV ready devices on the NCR Aloha POS, using First Data Corporation’s security solution TransArmor.

Marietta, GA, September 4, 2014 – Retail Data Systems, the largest integrated POS integrator and reseller in the US who is also recognized as a Diamond Reseller globally for NCR Corporation, successfully deployed in production for the first time ever in the world TransArmor on NCR Aloha POS at RedRossa Napoli Pizza in Clive, IA, a concept owned and operated by WR Restaurant Hospitality, LLC out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Aloha POS solution is a leader in serving professional restaurant operators with a comprehensive suite of solutions, and integrations to third party providers which protect a customer’s investment.      Jeff Barrett, General Manager of Retail Data Systems Payment Services Division commented, “In this time of hyperbolic announcements regarding credit card data breaches, Retail Data Systems collaborated with NCR Corporation and First Data Corporation to deploy a solution that removes card data from the customer environment while at the same time reducing merchant liability, and further lowering PCI reporting effort requirements while introducing token technology that can increase sales and loyalty.”

Essentially TransArmor introduces the most powerful “end to end” security, utilizing a tamper proof connected terminal encryption device integrated through the Aloha POS, which collaborates with vault decryption technology at First Data, making the data of no use to fraudsters and hackers from the time of swipe, or EMV chip read, through authorization, and token issuance. Since the data is never exposed in the clear, reformatted and scraped from memory, or stored at the merchant, there is nothing to steal. This particularly deters the remote access breach attempts from organized crime groups across the globe.

Brian Podraza, President of Data Systems, Incorporated, the holding company for Retail Data Systems, stated, “Retail Data System’s value is bringing together technology solutions from multiple sources to end up with a compelling, operational, and supportable solution. TransArmor on the Aloha POS is exactly the kind of solution that brings value to our customers.” Paul Van Bockern, CEO of WR Restaurant Hospitality, LLC, commented that, “Our guest experience and comfort at RedRossa Napoli Pizza is of paramount importance. Assuring that their sensitive credit card data is secure means everything and is a natural extension of our hospitality.”

Retail Data Systems is the largest provider of Point Of Sale Hardware and Software, in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 25 offices serving customers across the nation providing complete Point Of Sale technology. Our team of over 400 professionals assure our customers of the best 24/7/365 service available. Our list of industry leading POS hardware and software products provide a variety of solutions for companies large and small.

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Free Webinar with One of the Restaurant Industry’s Top Experts


Free webinar with one of the restaurant industry’s top experts


September 4th 2014 at 2:00 CST.

Menu Engineering for Top Profits

In this session learn how to design a restaurant David Scott Peters TheRestaurantExpert (1)menu that puts money in your pocket.  Always a hot topic — your menu is the single most important tool your restaurant has to make sales. David Scott Peters, founder of and session speaker, will discuss the components of a successful menu and showcase results other restaurant owners have achieved by implementing his tips for success. The session will include sample menus that have been re-engineered for top profits. Attendees will learn:

• The dos and don’ts of successful restaurant menus
• When to use fancy fonts and pictures and when not to
• How to analyze your numbers and use them to your advantage in the menu design process
• The one system you can’t live without if you’re going to successfully engineer your menu


Rhodes 101 Stop Convenience Stores Select Mobile Software Solution from NCR

Convenience chain enhances the customer experience by offering a mobile app for paying at the pump  

NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced  that Rhodes 101 Stops Convenience Stores have deployed NCR’s ConvenienceGo (C-Go) mobile shopping app to make fueling easier.  Rhodes 101 Stops operates 30 convenience stores across Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois and is a subsidiary of PAJCO, Inc.

C-Go is NCR’s mobile shopping app which allows customers to initiate a fuel transaction, select the amount of gas they want and then pay with their smartphones.  The mobile app supports Rhodes 101 Stops’ brand image and colors.  C-Go eliminates the need for customers to carry another loyalty card since the C-Go app updates and stores each shopper’s loyalty information and shares that information with the fuel pump automatically.  Rhodes 101 Stops customers will receive special ‘rollback’ pricing at the pump and the option of an emailed or printed receipt when they use the application.

“With this launch of the mobile NCR solution, we are continuing our commitment to always provide the most innovative and exceptional customer experience,” says Keith Boeller, president of PAJCO, Inc. “Beyond the added convenience, we think our customers will be thrilled to see the price rollback at the pump and the platform allows us to create innovative marketing tactics going forward.”

“Convenience stores operate in arguably the most competitive retail environment,” says Eric Stecker, vice president and general manager, Petroleum and Convenience, NCR Retail. “By introducing the C-Go mobile payment app and features, Rhodes 101 Stops is not only offering a convenient way to pay for gas, but they also create a tighter bond with shoppers, leading to greater loyalty.”

The Rhodes 101 Stops C-Go installation is a collaborative effort between NCR Retail and Retail Data Systems, a NCR Premier Point-of-Sale dealer.  For more information about the benefits of NCR’s C-Go technology, click here.

Source: NCR Corporation

RDS Southeast GM Walt Davis Featured in Inc. Magazine Article

Retail Data Systems Southeast General Manager Walt Davis was featured in a recent Inc Magazine article on the future of mobile technology in the restaurant industry. Restaurants have taken advantage of mobile technology to gain a better understanding of their customers while improving the customer experience.  Learn more by reading the full article here.

Retail Data Systems is Now Power Leader in Custom Solutions for the Independently Owned Grocery Industry in Southeast


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May 15, 2014, Marietta, GA – Retail Data Systems (, the largest provider of Point of Sale hardware and software to independently-owned grocery stores in North America, has announced that industry veteran Steve Balentine is now heading up efforts in the Southeastern Grocery Division. Balentine is well-known throughout the industry for his exceptional capacity for understanding the complexities of his grocery clients’ needs. Retail Data Systems is the leader in full service solutions and custom integrations with a robust suite of POS-related products. This powerful combination of experienced leadership and nationwide resources has made Retail Data Systems a power player in the Southeastern Independent Grocery industry.

Recently named a Premier Point of Sale VAR of NCR products, Retail Data Systems can provide the most powerful technology that has been developed with successful grocery management in mind. NCR is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. Custom integration solutions are the key to getting the most from your POS related hardware and software, and RDS is leading the field with the most integration solutions for wireless and cloud-based products. To read more about our suite of grocery products, click here.

Walt Davis, General Manager of RDS Southeast, said “All the pieces of the puzzle have come together over the last 6 months for RDS to provide the ultimate experience for grocery businesses. From running the business back room to the customer interactions, we can provide all the products and services needed to create an outstanding business model. Our variety of products and services provides the added benefit of a one-call to fix any issues that may arise.”

About Retail Data Systems

Retail Data Systems ( is the largest provider of Point of Sale hardware and software in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 25 offices serving customers across the nation providing complete Point of Sale technology. Our team of over 400 professionals ensures our customers the best 24/7/365 service available. Our list of industry leading POS hardware and software products provide a variety of solutions for companies large and small.

Media Contact for RDS Southeast:

Mary Koronkowski

Retail Data Systems SE

Marketing Communications Manager

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Retail Data Systems Appoints New Southeast Grocery Sales Manager

Retail Data Systems is happy to announce the hiring of Steve Balentine. Balentine has joined the Retail Data Systems (RDS) Southeast office sales force to further develop our growing portfolio of regional and national grocery accounts.

Retail Data Systems Appoints New Southeast Grocery Sales Manager

With more than 30 years in the industry, Balentine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with POS grocery systems and PCI compliancy. He has worked with many clients over the years, including regional and national warehouses like Supervalu, Piggly Wiggly, Nash Finch, Merchants Distributors Inc, AG South and W. Lee Flowers.

“Industry trends toward cloud-based transactions and wireless solutions are being met here,” said Balentine. “RDS has the resources to integrate today’s web-based applications with the latest POS solutions. NCR’s appointment of RDS as a premier POS dealer and their national presence were also strong factors in my decision to join RDS. These powerful products will allow me to offer my clients the best path to the future.”

Walt Davis, GM of RDS Southeast, added, “Steve is widely known for his excellent customer service in the grocery market. His appointment is a sign of our continuing commitment to excellence in customer relationships. We are fortunate to add someone of Steve’s caliber to this position. I am confident that he will play a significant role in meeting our goals for this region.”

Retail Data Systems Selected by Pancheros as Vendor of the Year



Retail Data Systems is honored to announce that customer Pancheros has selected us as Vendor of the Year.  

From their official press release:

Vendor of the Year recipient Retail Data System (RDS) first began its relationship with Pancheros 21 years ago as its IT consultancy firm. RDS was selected for a brand-focused team of help desk support staff and nationwide service technicians that maintained the technology tools utilized by each franchisee, helping Pancheros restaurants across the country reach operational efficiency and reduce costs.

For more information on Pancheros please visit

For additional infomation on what RDS is doing for Pancheros and other multiunit operators or to download the official press release please visit us at


Growing Concerns as XP End of Life is Approaching

Experts predicting a “tsunami of viruses” as operating system support ends.

Let’s face it, the media loves a technical disaster story. In 2000 we had Y2K, and a plethora of security breaches and viruses and worms (Remember Nimda?) that seem to never be as big as what we are told they will be. These items caused lot of inconvenience and in some cases some serious damage but nothing that wasn’t patched, and repaired. We adapted, learned and moved on. So why should we get concerned about XP end of life when other technical “disasters” that either happened or were looming turned out to be much ado about nothing? It’s simple really. The people in charge of updating, patching and preventing are not going to be doing it anymore as of April 8, 2014.

So what?

XP is still being updated and security holes are still being patched. Between January 1 and March 30 of 2013 Microsoft released patches for 34 security vulnerabilities 28 of these were network related. So without these patches there were 28 ways a hacker could have created something to harm systems running on the XP Operating system. The Windows XP operating system in April is going to be “as is” there will be no more patching, no more updates. This will make the machines that are currently operating on Windows XP vulnerable and a soft and relatively easy to exploit target. Even currently with patches, the malware infection rate for a Windows XP machine is over 2 times greater than that of Windows 7 machine and it will get worse. Additionally with the install base for Windows XP being as high as 43% from some reports, XP will be a major target of those looking to exploit systems for financial gain. Additional reports even speculate that more sophisticated groups are withholding code in hopes that the vulnerabilities they have discovered remain unpatched after end of life in April. For more information read Microsoft’s own Security Intelligence Report

For most Point of Sale customers on a modern touch screen point of sale system the problem is not the front of house POS system. Many but not all run XP embedded which has another couple of years of life with end of life set for that on December 31, 2016. The issue is in the back office computers. Many back office systems even those deployed in the last few years run XP Pro and most are exposed to the internet. Firewalls, PCI compliance and other solutions can only protect so far and an outdated system like this is likely to cause you to fall out of PCI compliance no matter what other safeguards are in place.

There are other reasons that an update should be in the works for any machine you have still on XP. Technology changed. Windows XP just doesn’t work with many newer and peripherals like printers, scanners, scales, and other devices. Why? It’s more than a decade old and the machine it was designed to be installed on just doesn’t have the horse power to drive these new devices. Not to mention the leaps and bounds software has taken. Newer programs just don’t work on a machine that was designed to surf the web, check email and run a few programs. To put it in perspective… 12 years ago when it was released the PC it was designed for had less power than an iPhone does now.

If you have questions or concerns about the risk your business may be taking with your current operating environment please visit our windows XP end of life page at or call your local office.

Article by:

Patrick Solum
Marketing Director
Retail Data Systems



Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins Stores Use Remote Eyes to Crack Down on Employee Theft

Franchise Management Service, Inc. a franchisee of Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. which owns and operates the majority of Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins stores in Eastern Maryland has deployed Remote Eyes POSWatch to manage store-level cash flow. 

According to Nick Nistazos, Owner of Franchise Management Services, “The Remote Eyes system has been instrumental in allowing me to effectively manage a 40 store operation from a central location while keeping close tabs on my cash flow. The Remote Eyes alert system helps my managers instantly pinpoint stores and employees who require closer scrutiny.”

Can you afford to not have Integrated Video Surveillance?

You can read the full press release below:

Franchise Management Services, Inc.

Uses POSWatch Enterprise™ to Manage Store Operations

Enterprise management tool cracks down on employee theft

Hanover, Maryland, July 29, 2013 – Odyssey Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of Remote Eyes® digital video management systems, is pleased to announce that Franchise Management Services, Inc. a Franchisee of Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. which owns and operates the majority of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins Stores in Eastern Maryland and several locations in Baltimore City, has successfully deployed POSWatch Enterprise to effectively manage store-level cash flow by dramatically reducing the amount of loss attributed to under-ringing customer orders. POSWatch Enterprise uses the real-time electronic journal output from the Radiant POS server in each store to build a centralized aggregated transaction database, produce reports that alert management to problem stores and employees, and generate real-time alerts of transaction exceptions that require management attention. POSWatch Enterprise is integrated with the Remote Eyes video management system to provide management with the forensic evidence required to take administrative action against dishonest employees. The video forensic evidence retained by the Remote Eyes system is court admissible and supports appropriate legal action by Franchise Management Services when necessary.

According to Nick Nistazos, Owner of Franchise Management Services, “The Remote Eyes system has been instrumental in allowing me to effectively manage a 40 store operation from a central location while keeping close tabs on my cash flow. The Remote Eyes alert system helps my managers instantly pinpoint stores and employees who require closer scrutiny.”

Nistazos continues, “The team at Odyssey has been a dream to work with and very responsive to our needs for software customization. For example, we jointly designed the store network reporting system to match the way we run our operation, Odyssey created a high-speed network video review capability at our request, and they added a system alert tool that instantly tells us when we have network, equipment, or software problems. If you are trying to run a multi-location operation without using a tool like Remote Eyes, then you are behind the curve.” 

Retail Data Systems Appointed NCR Premier Point of Sale Dealer



Retail Data Systems Appointed NCR Premier Point of Sale Dealer

OMAHA, Nebraska (June 24, 2013) – Retail Data Systems (RDS), the largest Point of Sale (POS) dealer in the U.S. serving the independent Grocery, Hospitality and Convenience Store market, has been appointed by NCR Corporation as a NCR Premier POS Dealer.  The announcement means that RDS will be the only provider in the markets it serves of all three NCR Grocery POS platforms; ISS45, ScanMaster and ACS IR.

In November of 2012 NCR entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Retalix Ltd., a leading global provider of POS software, for a cash purchase price of $30.00 per share.  At the time RDS was Retalix’s largest dealer partner.  The acquisition of Retalix by NCR was completed in February of 2013.  Since that time the NCR/Retalix Transition Team has been reviewing the dealer sales channel of both companies to determine the best overall combined sales and service organization to serve the independent grocery market.

Since 1950 RDS has been serving the independent grocery market and now provides POS sales and support services to thousands of independently owned grocery locations.  For years RDS was the largest Retalix dealer partner installing both ISS45 and ScanMaster POS systems throughout the United States.  With the appointment by NCR making RDS a NCR Premier POS Dealer, RDS will be able to expand their sales and support services to ACS IR customers throughout the Midwest and Southeast and provide all customers a definitive roadmap toward the future NCR POS platform…R-10.

“I am very excited we were able to earn the continued support of NCR and everyone at RDS is proud to be named a NCR Premier POS Dealer,” said Bob Seider, President and CEO of Data Systems, Inc. the parent company of RDS.  “We have enjoyed a relationship with NCR for many years through our Hospitality and C-Store divisions.   The acquisition of Retalix provided an opportunity to expand what was already a very strong relationship.  We plan to move forward very quickly in assimilating the ACS-IR product so that we can provide ACS-IR users the same high level of sales and support services enjoyed by our other grocery customers.”

About Retail Data Systems

RDS, a business unit of Data Systems, Inc., is the leading sales and service provider to independents in POS and related technologies.  With over 400 professional associates operating out of 25 Sales and Service locations, RDS provides independent Grocery, Hospitality and C-Store locations throughout the United States an unmatched selection of products and services all designed to increase the sales and profits of their valued customers.

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Drew Clausen

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